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“Before I took Bianca’s course, I was terrified of Facebook ads. I knew I should do them because they are a really great, low cost way to reach more people. But I had NO IDEA what to do. Thank goodness for Bianca’s course. She stepped me through each and every step. Her video tutorials allowed me to do it at my own pace, with her, so I didn’t make any mistakes. I also love the way Bianca explains things: simple without loads of tech jargon. The Facebook group is also really great for real time support. Thanks to her course, I launched my first Facebook ad campaign and ended up getting amazing engagement from it! I highly recommend this Facebook ads course for anyone who is really wanting to give Facebook ads a go but has no idea what to do.”

Michelle Jack, Dream Career &  Life CoachMichelle Jack, Dream Career & Life Coach

“It is one of the best online courses I have ever taken. Love the branding, visuals and the content is not only amazing, but your delivery makes it so easy to understand and take in. You have organized this visually and logically leading me on a fun, pleasant journey that has me feeling confident I can learn from you. One of the challenges I find with online courses I have taken, is the well intentioned offer of so much content, for me, it leads to content overload. Then I may lose heart and not stick with the course. Thank you so much for your fantastic teaching talents and your eye pleasing design. Love, love your course!”

Jul’s Arthur, Professional Organizer for EntrepreneursJul’s Arthur, Professional Organizer for Entrepreneurs

“FB Ads are such a seductive way to get your brand and offers in front of a whole new audience, and before I did Bianca’s course, I had dabbled with them. The results were well….mixed! Sometimes they worked, and sometimes crickets. But all the while FB gladly took my money! I knew there was more to it, so I took Bianca’s FB Ads for List Building course. Straightaway I could see where I had been going wrong, and where I could make my FB Ads efforts a whole lot more effective and predictable. Bianca walks you through setting up a campaign with multiple ad sets and ads in a structured way that makes sense, and she explains everything clearly and simply. FB Ads are a lot more work that most people realise. With this course, you will have a system that you can replicate over and over to research, design, build, track, test and tweak your FB Ads over and over again.”

Lorraine Hamilton, Coach SchoolLorraine Hamilton, Coach School

“Before your training I found FB ads a nightmare. I wasn't feeling confident about investing money into ads. I now feel much more confident after seeing some neat targeting features that I'll be using. I also have a better idea of what success metrics I should be aiming for.”

Sandra Muller, sandralmuller.comSandra Muller,

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