Give yourself the best chance at success by starting with the right foundations to become Facebook Ads ready before you even spend a cent on advertising!

You’ve put all of this work into creating your beautiful service or course and it’s only right it gets into the hands of as many people as possible.  

You know how valuable Facebook Ads can be to your business building strategy… but you just don’t know where to start or how to get the most out of it.  

You’re sure you’re likely missing a few critical pieces to the puzzle, so you have fears around diving in and not getting a return from all that effort.   

So you’ve been procrastinating...

Facebook Ads can put your business growth on rocket fuel, but without the right foundations you’re likely to burn money rather than fuel up your business.

That’s why I’ve introduced FB Ads Prep School

In this mini course you’ll learn how to set up your business to get the most out of your Facebook ads by starting the right way for success and list growth rewards. I won't be teaching you how to set up the ads in this mini course, but will be teaching you systems for success with ads so that you don't put money in Zuck's pocket!

(and when you're ready to join my bigger course that teaches you exactly how to set up your ads, you'll get a discount for being a  prep school alumni. Sweet deal right?!)

Set yourself up for ads success by uncovering my Facebook Ads System!

Join the mini course that will set you up for Facebook Ads that get results!


Ready to get started?

When you join, you’ll gain immediate access to the lessons in the membership dashboard and quickly position yourself to be ready to rock your Facebook Ads!

Here’s what you’ll get!

  • 5 video trainings that walk you through the complete Facebook Ads System so you can finally understand what the full picture looks like and which puzzle pieces you’re missing.

  • You’ll understand all the things you need to KNOW, DO and IMPLEMENT before you can start using Facebook Ads in your business. This goes beyond just setting up the pixel and audience research.

  • A list of tools and software that will help make each step of the system possible with ease. These are the tools I use in my business and many of my highly successful clients use these tools as well.

  • Bonus! Get access to the Facebook Pixel Course (valued at $39) for free!

Hi, I’m Bianca McKenzie.   

I created FB Ads Prep School because I continually met business owners who were in one of two camps.   

Camp 1 were overwhelmed by all the choices in Facebook ads and underwhelmed by the results.   

Camp 2 were unsure where to even start and feared throwing away good money.  

I felt frustrated that these people - people just like you - weren’t being taught about the Facebook Ads System. I have huge empathy hearing your stories of dwindling ad budgets with no return.

I want to see you succeed at this by setting up your foundations from the start to get the most out of all that Facebook can offer your business.  

Last year one of my clients gained 35 sales for a total $46,000 through Facebook Ads. This year we’ve doubled that with 70 sales and $76,000. Her spend was less than $6000. She’s also been able to generate leads for between 54 cents and $1. This wouldn’t be possible without having a system set up first. Otherwise, Facebook ads are a stab in the dark and the tracking is non existent.  

That’s why I created FB Ads Prep School - to see YOU reaping the rewards - instead of just the big advertisers.

I'd love to help you get ready for Facebook ads success and list growth rewards BEFORE you spend your first advertising cent.

What are you waiting for?

Save your spot and start your Facebook Ads success right now.



  • When will I receive it?

    You'll receive immediate access to all the training videos and resources. There's no drip feeding, no waiting. You start right now.

  • How long will it take to complete?

    The videos are short, mostly under 15 minutes. The course probably won't take you longer than 90 minutes, but this doesn't mean that you'll be ready for Facebook ads in 90 minutes. Your readiness depends on how much of the Facebook Ads system you have already implemented and what you'll need to still put in place.

  • Why is it priced so low?

    The course is priced at $97 because I want you to have access to the foundations of Facebook advertising. I see too many people who have tried Facebook ads and aren't happy with the results, or people who really want to try ads but aren't sure where to start. I want to teach as many people as possible that Facebook ads success comes from setting up a robust system, that's why I teach you the complete pre-ads system at $97.

  • Is it relevant to my niche?

    FB Ads Prep School is not necessarily niche specific. It's for everyone who offers services, online products or courses. FB Ads Prep School is focused on those business owners who want to grow their email subscriber list, and business.

  • Can I start Facebook ads after completing the course?

    Yes, after you've completed FB Ads Prep School and implemented all that you've learned and already have an understanding of Facebook ads, you are 100% ready for Facebook advertising. You might want to learn how to actually undertake Facebook advertising in the best possible way before setting up your ads (especially if you've never tried Facebook ads). Whilst this course doesn't teach you how to setup or run your ads, it teaches you all the things you need to DO and KNOW before you setup your ads. It ensures that you have the foundations for Facebook ads that get results. Once you have your foundations, you can start running Facebook ads that will actually convert rather than waste your advertising dollars.

  • Will this course teach me how to setup and run Facebook Ads?

    While this program doesn't show you how to set up and manage the ads themselves, we can point you in the direction of how to do that once you've completed Prep School. Having your Facebook ads system setup (<< what I teach in Prep School) is key to running successful Facebook ads, without this foundation you'll simply be filling Zuck's back-pocket without a return, and I really don't want that for you.

  • I already have my system setup and am ready to learn how to run Facebook Ads, where do I go?

    Once you've completed your foundations of the Facebook Ads system you're ready to invest in Facebook Ads, yay! In FB Ads for List Building I teach how to setup, manage, monitor and improve your ads. I teach you exactly what I do for my high-end clients on a daily basis. If you're ready to start running ads, I invite you to find out more about FB Ads for List Building.

  • Once I've done FB Ads Prep School, can I join FB Ads for List Building?

    Most definitely! Doing Prep School first is a great way to dip your toes in the advertising pool. It'll make sure that you have your foundations built before putting a house on top. And FB Ads prep school alumni receive a discount to join FB Ads for List Building. Sweet right?!

Do you want to put yourself ahead of the crowd and set up for Facebook ads success correctly from the start?

FB Ads Prep School is only $97 and will be your secret advantage over the vast majority of advertisers out there. 

You get:  

✔️ 5 video trainings on the complete Facebook Ads System.   

✔️ A full understanding of what you need to KNOW, DO and IMPLEMENT before even spending a cent on ads.  

✔️ A resource list of tools and software to make it all possible.

✔️ Bonus tutorials to support your Facebook Ads System.

If you want to gain a clearer understanding of the full foundational picture for Facebook ads success and list growth rewards BEFORE you spend your first cent, then join us NOW.